Emily Bennett is a true athlete not only is she making her mark on the field in athletics and Winner of the 2018  Women’s Junior Champion Award for WATC, but she was also recently selected in the U18 Western Australian AFL team and competed in Queensland. She received the Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA’ Letters Award yesterday for Athletics. 

WATC: When did you start throwing?

“I started throwing in when I was U7 in 2009.”

WATC:  What are the 5 highlights of your throwing career?

“Winning my first gold medal in U9.

Second was qualifying for ALAC after just coming out of a boot for a broken foot.

Third was winning hammer for 3 years at State Champs.

Fourth has to be winning Gold in Malaysia competing in the WA Little Athletics Team.

Lastly I would say winning Women’s Junior Champion for WATC”.

WATC: What is your PB?

“My PB for hammer is 46m.”

WATC: Who is your biggest inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is Byrony Glass.”

WATC: What is your favourite throwing track?

“I love throwing in Perth in front of family and friends.”

WATC: Who is your coach?

“I am coached by Lindsey Glass.”

WATC: What is your goal for this coming season? What are your long term Athletics goals?

“I would love to throw 50m this season in hammer.

My long term goal is to be throwing for many years, and still enjoying it.”

WATC: Other than throws what are your other passions in life?

“At the moment I am playing a lot of AFL, this year selected in the U18 WA team and competed in Queensland.”

WATC: Any comment about our club?

“I love competing in throws. All the members in WATC are very supportive and fun to be around.”

WATC: What advice do you have for younger throwers?

“You have to enjoy the event you do. Very difficult to train hard and turn up to training when tired if you don’t enjoy it. Remember that you will not always throw your PB, but be patient and over time you will improve and beat your PB. You have to like your coach, like your event and like your training partners.”

We want to wish Em, as we know her, only the best for this season.